Bringing families together as they make the Journey to Australia.


Welcome to ‘Families Wanted Down Under’. The aim of this blog is to build a meaningful and valuable resource for people that have made the move to Australia and for those contemplating perhaps the biggest step in their entire life. It is not designed to repeat all the valuable factual information already out there about visas, cost of living, skills shortage etc. but instead to share the true essence of what it means to relocate.

My own interest is both as a family member (in my case a Mum of 3) going through the enormous transition of adjusting to life Down Under and as a psychotherapist fascinated by what motivates people as they journey through life and make the transition into a new life the other side of the world. What I would like to encapsulate in this blog are the questions and answers that come up along the way. The stuff no one tells you and the real life experience of what the move was actually REALLY like. The emotional ups and downs, the cultural shocks and the things people just don’t speak about while they are busy being happy in the sun.

Your contribution will be valuable to other people and theirs will be to you. Through working on this together we will develop a really meaningful resource connecting a community of people. There is a world of knowledge that we all gain as we make this move and there is so much to share. The journey to the other side of the world is such a huge one full of the most incredible times and on the face of it Australia seems such an easy country to live in. However, I speak for many when I say we were not prepared for the culture shock. We thought living in Oz would be much like the UK but warmer – not the case! There are such subtle differences for example I have noticed a massive contradiction between the easy going ‘no worries’ Oz attitude and ‘that’s the rules mate!’ dogma not to mention some very typically Australian social etiquette rules to abide by! Don’t get me wrong adjusting to life here is well worth it but we could all do with a helping hand. I hope this site contributes something towards that premise and that we can have some fun and connect with each other in the process!

How to use the blog

This blog is set out like a book: the tabs represent chapters along the way chapters can be added and as the contents builds its order and significants will become obvious. I hope by using this approach the contents will be interesting and informative yet organised. People will contribute in the area’s they have the most knowledge or the most to say! It’s so exciting to think of all the useful information we will all generate. Please be mindful to add your content under the appropriate tab so we can try to keep it all tidy!
What the blog will contain:
Case studies: Each month I will publish an interview of an ex pat story. I’ll be delving deeply into people lives about their move. I’ll ask questions about the emotional adjustment they had to make and how they managed to settle, trying to gather useful information from people currently struggling to adapt and people who have settled in with ‘no worries’. I will also interview people that have returned to the UK and find out what motivated there change of heart. And how life back home fairs now!

BBC Wanted Down Under programme

Having been on this BBC programme ourselves I have a keen interest to find out what has happened to these families. I will be attempting to get in touch with as many as possible and providing you with up to date info about their whereabouts there highs and lows.. and their future intentions. I will also share our own story of being on the programme and offer tips to any interested future participants.

UPDATE:- Our show  ‘Mills family revisited ‘ will be Friday 3rd February at 9.15 AM

Other ‘s also showing live through January and February.

Top Tips

This section will contain absolutely priceless bits of information in a list format. So just those all-important bits of advice that you wish you had known or so pleased you did. For example for me this would include:
-Bring your tumble dryer with you -Pack as many toiletries into your shipping as you can -Remember it does get cold! -No longer need Marmite -Our mate is fine!
I’ll try my best to keep the site interesting and informative. Please be mindful to respect other people’s views. Good healthy disagreement is great but please keeps it friendly.
Happy Blogging.



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